Gas Turbine Exhaust Services


  1. We come to you!

    Schock provides gas turbine equipment inspections for free! Our team is made up of PowerGen Geeks! We are qualified and experienced in performing auxiliary equipment inspections. Book your free inspection below.

  2. Running or not

    If your units are running, we can offer thermal imaging, and acoustic measurements. If they are offline, we can offer a detailed visual inspection of entire system. Ideally at multi-unit sites, we would inspect each scenario.

  3. Let Schock document the condition of your equipment

    We will supply a thorough report, documenting the current condition, and areas of concerns. We will also offer suggestions to make your equipment more reliable and efficient.


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View of Vertical Exhaust Stack

501F Vertical Exhaust Stack and Silencer Panels.

  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Inspection

    We will inspect your complete Inlet and Exhaust system and provide recommendations

  • Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencer Inspection

    We can evaluate your existing baffles for acoustic and structural/thermal damage, and measure their effectiveness

  • Gas Turbine Inlet/Filtration Inspection

    We can test your current media and predict remaining lifespan

Gas Turbine Exhaust Services

Gas Turbine

Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems come in all shapes and sizes. At Schock, we want your Gas Turbine Exhaust System to become something you do not have to think about.

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FS7F Diffuser Duct

Our internally insulated Gas Turbine Equipment EXHAUST ductwork has the most robust liner system on the market. We have engineered our system with rugged construction for an extended life. MARKET LEADING EXHAUST LINER SYSTEM.

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