Gas Turbine Exhaust

Gas Turbine Exhaust System

Some OEM's and Plant Designers think of the Gas Turbine Exhaust System as an afterthought. So much time, effort and money goes into the GT and Intake Systems to condition the inlet air. At Schock we know that if the Exhaust System is carefully designed, then it will operate maintenance free for decades. However, if shortcuts are taken, we have seen Exhaust System begin failure immediately. Even though your system may be under warranty, do you really want a company trying to fix it (trial and error) that could not design it properly to begin with?

Gas Turbine Exhaust Diffuser (Radial)

Exhaust Diffuser (Radial)

The Exhaust Diffuser has a direct effect on the performance of the Gas Turbine and the surrounding ductwork. Schock is continually enhancing our Exhaust Plenum and Exhaust Diffuser designs.

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Liner System

Exhaust Liner System

At the heart of our system is our proprietary liner system. The system starts with large diameter stainless steel liner studs, hand welded to the casing plate at a close pin spacing pattern. We use 11 gage liner, with a variety of sub-liner as well as on top of liner clamping/support methods. One size does not fit all with Exhaust liner, we truly custom apply one of our Schock liner systems based on position in system, flow and temperature.

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Liner Repair

Exhaust Liner Repair

Schock wants to help you maintain your units. We have helped in many ways from supporting customers with sketches or verbal assistance, all the way to turnkey repairs or upgrades. Often times, minor repairs executed properly, can extend the life of your system. 

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Plenums

Exhaust Plenums

Whether your gas turbine exhaust plenum assembly is a FS3, 5, 6, 7 or 9E let Schock show you the latest in Plenum Assembly technology. We Stock all Exhaust Plenum assemblies partially fabricated to reduce cycle time. If you have an upcoming major or hot gas path outage, call us for a complete Exhaust plenum upgrade. After confirming interfaces/orientation, we can often deliver in just weeks.

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Silencer

Exhaust Silencer

Schock Manufacturing personnel have extensive experience with both design and fabrication of Gas Turbine exhaust silencers for large frame turbines. We have inspected thousands of Exhaust Silencers by most manufacturers, and know what the early signs of failure look like. We can help with budgeting for an upgrade, and executing long before it becomes an emergency. The worst scenario is waiting too long or ignoring failure signs, and panels fall to the bottom of stack, block flow, or propel dangerous metal out of the stack.

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Gas Turbine Exhaust Ducting

Exhaust Ducting

Our internally insulated Gas Turbine Equipment EXHAUST ductwork has the most robust liner system on the market. We have engineered our system with rugged construction for an extended life. MARKET LEADING EXHAUST LINER SYSTEM.

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