Prepare NOW for your Spring 2020 outage!

Gas Turbine equipment

FS7B Intake System

Gas Turbine Inlet Ducting and Inlet Silencers

11/2018 Gas Turbine Equipment Intake System Replacement

FS6 Exhaust Plenum Assembly

Gas Turbine Exhaust Plenums Ducting

11/2018 Complete replacement including the Gas turbine equipment Exhaust Plenum, Wing, Cowl, and Expansion Joint

FS5 Exhaust Plenum Assembly

Gas Turbine Exhaust Plenum Ducting

8/2018 Gas Turbine Equipment Exhaust Plenum assembly for an international client. Short cycle project shipped on time.

FS7B Exhaust System

Gas Turbine Exhaust Plenum Assembly and Exhaust Silencers stack

8/2018 Complete Gas Turbine equipment 7B system including the Plenum, Wing, Cowl, EJ assemblies and the Exhaust Stack and Silencers. Upgraded the liner and silencing systems and delivered on time.

501FD3 Exhaust Silencer upgrade


5/2018 Challenging cycle project. Designed, delivered, and provided Technical assistance for the stack removal, baffle removal, and re-installation of NEW Gas Turbine equipment Exhaust silencer baffles in 66 total days. The installation time for unit #1 was (6) days, and unit #2 (5) days.

7FA Exhaust Silencer Upgrade


4/2018 Schock provided our customer with a clever design, and installation technique to keep cost low. We replaced all Gas Turbine equipment Exhaust Silencer baffles, and redesigned the floor system to support during the outage.