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2019 501F Users Group

2/18/2019 - Vendor Fair and Reception: Please stop by and say hello to Laquinnia Lawson and Jeff Cozbey in booth # 33! We are excited to meet/see you!

2019 501F Users group info.

2019 FS7F

5/2019 - Schock will be attending the Vendor fair in Schaumburg, IL. More information coming soon.

2019 7F Users group info.

2019 FS7EA Users Groups Conference

2019 - Vendor Fair: 

2019 7EA users group info.

2019 501D5A

2019 - The Schock team will be attending the Vendor Exhibition. Do you need some help inspecting, upgrading your Silencer baffles? More information coming soon.

2019 501D5-D5A users group info.

2018 Fall C.T.O.T.F.

9/15/2019 - The Schock team will see you all at the Vendor fair. Westin Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage, CA.

2019 Spring & fall C.t.o.t.f. users group info.



 12-20-2018 - We would like to thank all of the Power Generation professionals we have made contact with during the past year. We have traveled to some beautiful cities, had some great food, and got a real understanding of how the different areas of the United States live and work. We have a much better understanding of the challenges for Power Plant Operators, and look very forward to experiencing new things to come in 2019, and stopping to say hello to our established friends. Schock 


11/30/2018 Schock recently completed the supply and installation assistance (TFA) for a GE FS6 Exhaust Plenum Assembly for an international customer. This was another successful project for an existing very important customer and end user.

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11/20/2018 - Schock recently completed the supply and installation for a GE FS7B Intake Ducting System. We utilized our Acoustic expertise and Power Generation experience to optimize a design to be trouble free for the end user for many years to come.


2018 - We took part in over a dozen Exhaust Liner repairs and upgrades. When Exhaust "Hot spots", failing studs, and insulation voids are caught in time, they are not necessarily expensive to fix. They key is routine inspections, and repairing properly. Often, we see improper repairs cause further damage to the critical liner system. Call us, we would LOVE to help. 

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