Exhaust Ducting

Exhaust Ducts

Our internally insulated EXHAUST ductwork has the most robust liner system on the market. We have engineered our system with rugged construction for an extended life.

Exhaust Plenums

Exhaust Plenums

Our latest generation of Exhaust Plenum is designed to reduce installation time. Our assembly uses the very latest in thermal insulation technology, and has the most robust internal liner system on the market today. Our FS7, FS6, and FS5 designs are proven to withstand the punishment of these harsh operating conditions.

Exhaust Diffusers

7F Exhaust gas diffuser, GT axial Diffuser

Our team has extensive experience working with OEM's designing many of the Diffusers used today. We offer complete systems as well as internal liner, flex seal, and Expansion Joint upgrades.

Exhaust Silencers

Exhaust Silencers

At Schock, we can offer an "in kind" Baffle replacement or design a complete acoustic solution for your plant. We use the very latest in Thermal and Acoustic materials, and have a proven track record of delivering excellence to our Customers.

Expansion Joints

Exhaust and Inlet Expansion Joint, high temperature belts, EPDM, PTFE

We offer a wide variety of custom designed EXPANSION JOINTS for Air Intakes, as well as HRSG and simple cycle Exhaust applications. We stock materials for quick delivery.

Exhaust Reline/Repair

Gas Turbine Exhaust Liner, insulation, Exhaust system for Power plants

At Schock, we are Exhaust Liner system experts. With periodic inspections, we can determine if repairs are needed and recommended. We can also suggest solutions to extend the life of your system.

Retrofit Compartment Doors

Gas Turbine Enclosure doors, enclosure doors, interior insulated doors

Our ENCLOSURE DOORS are economical, custom designed and fabricated for each application. We only use Stainless Steel Interior liner, and hardware. They are built to last and install in a fraction of time due to our proprietary mounting design.

Inlet Ducting and Silencers

Gas Turbine inlet ducting, silencers, and inlet cooling

We can offer retrofit upgrades to your current INLET ducting, or offer a complete replacement. We utilize both Exterior and Interior insulated options, and custom engineered SILENCING solutions. We can also (with partner) offer air heating and cooling solutions.


Gas Turbine filtration, inlet filters, filter elements, drift eliminators

Schock can offer an "in kind" FILTERHOUSE replacement, or a complete new Filtration System based on the site specific environment.

Spare Parts

Gas Turbine Exhaust gaskets, flex seals

We offer gasketing, hardware, liner parts, expansion joint belts, enclosure hardware, flex seals, and all misc. items you may need.

Ladders, Platforms, Stairways

Access Ladders, Platforms, and Stairs

We provide access Ladders, Platforms for safety, and convenience for site personnel. We have Structural Engineers in house to design to specific requirements.

Replacement Filters

Gas Turbine static and pulse filter elements

Schock has teamed up with the most advanced GT Filtration experts to offer a complete line of Pulse and Barrier filters to tackle your site specific requirements. We also offer turn-key solutions when change-out season arrives!