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gas turbine exhaust silencer

Exhaust Silencer

Schock Manufacturing personnel have extensive experience with both design and fabrication of Gas Turbine exhaust silencers for large frame turbines. The firing temperatures and run conditions have increased the challenge. 

Material selections, Exhaust Silencer thermal design, fabrication methods, and internal fill materials are all critical items that must be considered. This makes selecting your partner a key decision for your plant.

At Schock, we start with a free thorough inspection, and offer a comprehensive report. We will work with your plant personnel and engineering groups for a interactive discussion to find the best solution. Should a complete replacement be necessary, we will evaluate carefully to offer the most economical turnkey solution. 

Please call us today to discuss your maintenance needs.

Free inspections:

Let Schock handle the inspection and report now, and we can begin planning for your outage. 

Turbine Exhaust silencers

Step 1

Power Plant Inspection

Schedule a free inspection

replacement gas turbine exhaust silencer


Chose from Schock provided exhaust silencers, and other power plant equipment repair or replacement options

Step 3

Exhaust Splitter

Schock will deliver your gas turbine exhaust silencer package designed and fabricated in the central United States

Step 4

Exhaust Silencer Installation

We can offer turnkey installation or TFA assistance for your gas turbine exhaust silencers

Step 5

Exhaust Panels installed

Schock will issue a final field report

Step 6

Power Plant Sound measuring

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